Your Beach Retreat guide to happy holiday dogs

With dogs permitted on the entire 630 miles of the South West Coast Path, it's fair to say that Cornwall is a haven for dogs and dog walkers alike. Here’s our tips to keeping your hound even happier on holiday as well as a list of our fantastic dog-friendly properties.


Dogs love exploring, digging holes and jumping in the sea almost as much as we do. That’s why Beach Retreats offers dog friendly holidays, with dogs welcome to stay in over half of our holiday cottages. If you haven’t read it already, do take a look at our guide to the best dog friendly beaches in North Cornwall – it was a massive hit.

With this in mind, we were keen to whittle down Kennel Club’s Steve Jenkinson’s advice on keeping your dog happy and safe along the coastal path. So here are our top five doggie tips for beach and coastal path alike:

  • Tagged and collared: Dogs that are name tagged and micro chipped can easily be reunited should they get lost. If you’re on holiday, a temporary tag with your contact details will save a lot of heartache and hassle should you lose each other.

  • No hot dogs: Dogs can easily get dehydrated, especially when running around in the warm summer months. Nowadays, you can buy collapsible bowls, but an old fashioned water-tight plastic bag can work just as well.

  • Out of sight, out of mind: Always keep your dog in sight. Or, use a lead if you don’t have a reliable recall.

  • Curiosity killed the... : Avoid letting your dog run up to people uninvited – not everyone may be as familiar and comfortable with dogs as you are.

  • Crumbling cliffs: Often home to tempting rabbits, try to keep your dog away from cliff edges as they can be unstable.

Happy walkies.

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