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North Cornwall

Inhale the sea spray from stretching coastlines. Feel your heart thud amongst dancing waves. Watch scarlet sunsets light up the horizon. North Cornwall is a groundswell of energy, its status legendary from its world-famous surf to its enviable cuisine.

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South Cornwall

Wander sub-tropical gardens which tumble onto hidden coves. Glide your paddle through estuary waters. Sleep in fishermen’s cottages at the edge of pebble-dusted shores. South Cornwall is all about contrast: from striking cliffs overlooking gentle swells to sleepy villages with vivid histories.

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Gylly Lowenna
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West Cornwall

Gaze down on grey seal colonies from rugged cliff tops. Swim freely in the ocean’s silver swell. Stroll along paths lined with sea pinks which hug the coastline. West Cornwall tells its own unique tale through the ridges, nooks and rills of the cliffs which meet the expanse of sea.

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South Wales

Sandy shorelines, coastal treks, spectacular cities and rural beauty. South Wales is a landscape full of variety, never failing to delight the eyes with a new vista. Sun yourself on the shores of Porthcawl, hike along nature trails or get your heart racing in the surf – with a whole coast to explore, the outdoors is calling.

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