Watergate Bay to Porth Walk

A short coastal walk from Watergate Bay to Porth.


Coastal walk from Watergate Bay to Porth

Wrap up warm this Autumn and explore the rugged coastline around Watergate Bay by foot.

Couple on walk from Watergate Bay to Porth

With hidden coves to discover, wildlife to spot and views overlooking the Atlantic sea, this two mile walk is perfect for dog walkers, couples and families.

coastal path

The walk begins at Watergate Bay car park. From here, ascend the coastal path to the left of the car park found embedded in the cliff.

coastal path to Porth

Follow the meandering path to the top of the cliff and take a moment to look down at the beach below. With two miles of golden sand and huge swells, you'll see why Watergate Bay is popular destination for families, dog walkers and surfers.

Autumn surf

In autumn the beach is still full of movement. Surfers are carving waves, while adventurers enjoy wild swimming and paddling in the shallows during low tide.

Watergate Bay surfer
Watergate Bay in Autumn

After taking in the fresh sea breeze, continue treading along the path where hedgerows and wild countryside are starting to turn amber.

wild countryside cornwall
North Cornwall coast

Small birds will flit across your trail as they forage for food in the earth.

Coastal walk

Out to sea, keep a look out for flocks of migrating sea birds making their way south. Some birds can be seen taking shelter in the rugged cliff face.

rugged cliffs in Porth
Headland on coastal walk
cliffs fruitful cove

Below you'll see a hidden sandy beach known as Fruitful Cove which can be accessed at low tide walking from Watergate Bay beach.

fruitful cove
dog walking at fruitful cove

A little further along the path, as you start your descend from the cliff top, you will see a sign for Whipsiderry beach. This is a quiet a beach, boasting rock pools and caves that are worth exploring.

whipsiderry beach newquay
rock pools in cornwall
rock pooling whipsiderry

Sheltered by enormous cliffs, access to the beach can be negotiated by steep steps with railings down the cliff face.

At low tide, the rock pools are teeming with wildlife. Attached to the wave-washed rocks you will discover Cornish mussels and limpets clumping together.

mussels washed on rocks
mussels on rocks whipsiderry
cornish mussels
close up of mussels

On the beach, couples enjoy romantic walks in the shallows, while dogs play in the sand and families explore hidden caves.

Whipsiderry beach
dog at whipsiderry beach
hidden cove whipsiderry

Surfers take to the autumn swells.

hidden caves and surfer on whipsiderry
surfing at Whipsiderry

After leaving your footprints on Whipsiderry beach, make your way back up the cliff and continue wandering down the path into Porth.

Dog walking in cornwall

Before heading to the beach, venture over to Porth Island, which can be accessed by a narrow footbridge.

porth island beach

Here you’ll find the remains of an ancient settlement. At the end of the island there is a blow hole which is quite spectacular on windy days and best seen at mid-tide.

The coast path back from Porth Island will take you down to the beach.

Porth beach is a flat sandy beach perfect for families and dogs.

Walk along the beach  and head towards a row of shops. Here you will find beach inspired boutique and coffee shop Roo's Beach.

A cosy coffee shop, Roo's Beach offers a selection of herbal teas and ground coffee - a perfect spot after your walk to watch the world go by.

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