Vote for Beach Retreats in the British Travel Awards

4th July 2022

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve been nominated for Best Company for UK Holiday Home Rentals in the prestigious British Travel Awards.

Our devotion to the coast has always been our driving force, inspiring us to do what we do – provide the best beachside holidays in retreats less than a mile from the coast, all year round.

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Since we started out 13 years ago, we’ve believed in the power of beach living and we know the feeling that being footsteps from the beach can bring. 

For each of us, a beach means different things. It can be time to relax, or get your pulse racing. It can be contemplation alone, or bringing people together. It can be riding waves in the water or building castles in the sand. It can be stormy or sheltered, cliffs or dunes, river or sea. For guests, finding the right beach, theirs to enjoy whenever and however they want, changes everything. And that’s why our selection of handpicked properties never fail our guests, many of which return every year to their new favourite place by the sea.

We pride ourselves in choosing the most pristine properties, equipped and ready for beach living, all within walking distance to the best beaches around the Cornish coast. 

To continue to grow as a company after an unprecedented couple of years has affirmed our belief in the pull of the ocean which continues to tempt guests back to its shores, year after year. We’ve got you, our guests, to thank for our continued success. Your support, like a breath of fresh sea air, gives us the motivation and passion to keep doing what we do, providing unforgettable beach holidays and sharing our love for the sea.

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