Stay at Home Holidays in Cornwall

16th June 2020

There’s no doubt that the face of self-catering holidays in Cornwall has changed in the aftermath of COVID-19. But you can still enjoy the perfect stay-cation or work-action in one of our luxury retreats. With the beach on your doorstep you can step straight out onto the coast for a blast of briny air or a saltwater dip, then hunker down in your private space and make the most of your home by the sea.

SkylineHere are some things we love staying in for on holiday:

Quality time with friends and family

Friends on the beachThe best way to catch up with family and friends is to spend time together in a home-away-from-home. When everyday tasks and distractions are left behind, there’s more time to talk, play and relax together, without the pressures of the chores, work and the daily grind. Make yourself at home in one our stylish properties designed for relaxation and leisure time, and you’ve got all the luxuries and entertainment you need to chill out and enjoy time with each other.

Relax and recharge

Bask in Cornwall’s sub-tropical climate, soak up a mighty dose of vitamin sea, and take time for lazy mornings or afternoon siestas. Wind down to the rhythm of the ocean, pad along the shoreline and hunker down by the log burner with a bottle of red wine and platter of Cornish cheeses. In recent years holidays have evolved into time spent cramming as much as possible into our time off, but having space and time to rest and recharge your batteries is what vacations should be about. So make the most of some R&R in your stylish coastal holiday pad.

Eat gourmet food

Cornwall is renowned for its smorgasbord of delicious food plucked from the coast and the countryside. And you don’t have to step foot in a restaurant for a gourmet spread and excellent service. Make the most of having time to cook up a storm with the best Cornish ingredients, or kick back and tuck into home-cooked deliveries from talented local chefs. From breakfast platters and fresh produce, to slap-up dinners from local pubs and pop ups, all sorts of lip-smacking cuisine and can be delivered to your door.

Try new hobbies

PhotographerHave you ever wanted to try watercolour painting, play guitar or take up yoga? When you’re at home there just seems so little time to take up new hobbies. But once you escape from your daily routine and workaday, there’s much more time to tap into your creative mind and try new things. While you’re taking a break in a Beach Retreat, why not pick up a paintbrush to commit coastal scenes to canvas, craft jewellery from your beachcombing finds, or write a song inspired by the landscapes around you?

Kickback for a guilt-free Netflix binge

Want to catch up on the latest box set or do you have a list of movies you’ve never got round to watching? Once you’ve had a blast of sea air and watched the sun go down on the beach, holidays are a great time to stay in and catch up for a guilt-free media fest. Whether it’s podcasts, Netflix or the latest Box Office hit released on DVD, our properties offer the most stylish lounge spaces and family entertainment systems; so get cosy and grab the popcorn.

Make a playlist

How often do you hear a song you love on the radio, scribble down the name and plan to make it part of a playlist one day? Or hear a tune that takes you back to halcyon days? With time on your hands you can finally take the time to make a playlist of your favourite songs – from chill out tracks to tunes that make you want to dance your socks off. You could even take the time to go through your bulging online photo and video library, and put your memories into photo books and movies.

Take a workation

In an era when the boundaries between home and work are more blurred than ever before, why not mix work and leisure on your self-catering holiday in Cornwall? All of our Beach Retreats are decked out with high-tech facilities, so you’ll have everything you need to run an efficient home office while enjoying time by the sea.

Soak up a different view


chamge your perspective

Spending time in a different location gives you time to soak up a different view. This doesn’t only mean a change in scenery, but also inspires a shift in perspective. It’s often only when we’re away from home and our usual routines that we find the time to reflect and make fundamental changes in our lives that make us happier.