A Walk Through Guide to Porth, Cornwall

14th August 2014

Porth Beach, sheltered by headlands on either side, is a popular beach with families. Boasting one of the longest tidal drops of all the beaches in Cornwall it’s a spacious, safe beach to enjoy with the whole family.

Complete with crashing surf carving into the rocks, and an island accessed by footbridge, Porth is the perfect place to grab the camera and explore.

Here’s our guide to Porth, so you can make the most of this family-favourite beach.

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Starting at Porth Island we tracked the path to the footbridge taking in the views of Watergate Bay and Whipsiderry Beach, North, and Newquay, South.

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During winter, Porth Island is a great place for storm-watching. At mid-tide, at the end of the island, is a blow hole that, timed right, sends the Atlantic Ocean washing over it shooting up into the air.

Hungry for an ice cream we headed back towards the beach. As Porth has such a long tidal drop the sand levels remain high far out to sea. Taking care you can wade into the water enjoying yourself without getting your hair wet.

Spotting Roo’s Beach ice cream shop we stopped for a delicious tub of Moomaid ice-cream, which we recently made into a delicious cocktail with the help of Fifteen Cornwall.

Throughout the summer Roo’s Beach are also offering artisan coffee and running a pop up Kingsurf Shop, closely linking Porth beach and Mawgan Porth.

After a bit too much retail therapy the sun began to set, drenching the village in beautiful evening sunshine.

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