What does the right property look like?

9th March 2022

Are you looking to buy a holiday let in Cornwall? We take a look at some of the key things to get right when choosing and letting out your property.

Do you want an investment, a bolt hole, a family retreat, or simply a place by the sea where you and your friends can relax and enjoy the Cornish lifestyle? Whatever the reason, the secret is to buy for the right reasons. If you do this, you’re bound to choose the right property.

Pictured: By The Sea, Newquay

Head or heart

There’s a saying in the industry: do you buy with your head or your heart? Neither is wrong, it all depends on what you want to achieve from your property. If it’s an investment property, then the head must rule the heart, as ultimately what you may like is not always what your guest wants. However, if it’s just for you, your family and friends to use then the head is still important, but you can allow the heart to rule more of the decision making.

Pictured: Watergate Lodge, Watergate bay


Proximity to the coast is always a great draw, as let’s face it, guests coming to Cornwall will nine times out of ten want to be close to the beach. And who can blame them? The beaches and coastline are the jewel in Cornwall’s crown. Therefore, buying a property by the sea will undoubtably improve your bookings and increase your income, and is a selling point which will never lose value.

Pictured: 15 Cannery Row, Hayle

As an agent, we always look for properties that provide contemporary living by the sea. Parking, outside space, pet friendliness, child friendliness and a short walking distance to the sand are all great features, as are having fine dining outlets and watersports close by. This, we find, is the perfect formula, coupled with quality furniture, great beds of varying sizes and layouts, and quality linen. And don’t forget great photographs, which are essential in showing the world how good your place by the sea really is.

Pictured: The Beach House, Mawgan Porth


It’s important when choosing the right property to get it furnished to meet your guests’ expectations. If you are letting the property as a holiday home through an agent, then it’s crucial to get the quality right. Natural products such as granite, slate and wood will cost more in the outset, but will last longer, look better, and give a greater feeling of quality – so a win win.

Pictured: Wonderwall, Hayle

The artwork, ornaments, and products that you provide will enhance the ambiance and aesthetic of your home. Choosing local products is a bonus, as this will not only help local artists and suppliers, but also gives your property that unique feel, causing it to be remembered long after your guests have returned home.

Pictured: Strand House, Porth

If your property allows, then a wood burner, hot tub, outdoor kitchen, cinema room and games room are all highly desirable, and help to lift your properties’ appeal. Bonus – these things will also make your personal stays with friends and family extra enjoyable when you choose to visit.

Pictured: Far Horizon, Downderry

Keep it current

A final note to remember is that all great properties need to be maintained, and to remain appealing they should never stay still. Changes, updates and maintenance are essential to keep them fresh and up to date with current trends.

Pictured: The Beach House, Mawgan Porth

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