• Flexible start and end days.
  • Discount for longer stays.
  • Inclusive pricing and inspirational work spaces on the beach.

Want a bright start and a clear head to kickstart every day? We have the key. Step beyond the office. Embrace the best of Cornwall’s coastline. Set your mind free to roam, recharge, and rise to the challenge in a place where reinvigoration comes as standard.

It’s realising your day job doesn’t have to mean you’re office-bound. It’s knowing you can take your desk anywhere. It’s switching your office outlook for an ocean view and discovering the fresh thinking that comes with a coastal perspective. Change how you think about the 9-5 for a little while. Are you ready for an Aworkening?

Photo: The Beach House, Mawgan Porth

Looking for a short weekend retreat in Cornwall? Escape the hustle and bustle with our flexible short breaks, designed for your convenience.


Hunker-down hideouts where your only distraction is the wheeling gulls. Towering ocean-facing windows flooding your thoughts with natural light. Lofty shoreside spaces where a well-placed desk brings a theatre of sea and sky to your work. At Beach Retreats we know the sea’s power to restore and re-energise – and how the right space can add new dimensions to the task at hand.

The last couple of years of uncertainty may have been tough, but one positive thing they have shown us is that we don’t need to be at work, to do our work.

Forget being surrounded by the everyday and all it ensues. Answering a door for deliveries or having one eye on that growing pile of laundry hardly make for the most inspiring workplace. Get peak productivity out of your time away from your office desk, with the new outlook that somewhere different can bring. Peace, privacy and even inspiration? With the ocean on your doorstep, brighter working is always at hand.

Photo: The Beach House, Mawgan Porth


First-light plunges into bracing water, stirring your day into action. Mid-morning meanders where sand underfoot gives you space and clarity to solve knotty problems. Anytime lunch breaks on a beach-front balcony as your eyes skim the crested waves. Our coastal stays give you the chance to cast away the commute and reframe your working rhythm. Then when you’ve signed off, cliff walks await, the surf beckons, adventure calls. Trust us, when it comes to ‘the grind’, the only place you’ll notice it is in the stimulating scent of your morning coffee after a lungful of sea air.


Want to learn more about our beautiful interiors? Discover the transformative redesign of our property Winnow at Watergate Bay by Interior Design Masters winner Banjo Beale.


The sea’s siren call reaches far and wide, bringing benefits to people in all sorts of professions. Are you:

  • An accountant needing headspace to run the numbers?
  • An engineer who requires tranquility to fine-tune your thinking?
  • An MD wanting to step away and focus on strategy?
  • A writer seeking solitude to master your final draft?
  • An artist, looking for fresh inspiration and bright light?

Whatever you do, whatever you’re hoping for from your Aworkening, you’ll find it here, by the water’s edge. But don’t just take our word for it. The coastline’s ability to recharge mind and body has been explored in depth by neuroscientist Wallace J. Nichols. In his book Blue Mind Science, Nichols writes, “The mere sight and sound of water can induce a flood of neurochemicals that promote wellness, increase blood flow to the brain and heart and induce relaxation.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


We know that being shoreside inspires better working, but we also know that making a stay as smooth as possible requires some vital ingredients. So whether it’s high speed WiFi with maximum upload and download speeds, widescreens for polishing pitch-perfect presentations, or long tables for team lunches or brainstorms that you need, our team is on hand to help hunt down your ideal beach-side sanctuary.

Good work takes time and often a week is not enough. Talk to our team today for special offers and discounts for three-week-plus stays, to maximise your Beach Retreats Aworkening.

Photo: 16 Cannery Row, Hayle