Your Beach Retreat guide to happy holiday dogs

16th June 2022

With dogs permitted on the entire 630 miles of the South West Coast Path, it’s fair to say that Cornwall is a haven for dogs and dog walkers alike. Here are our tips for keeping your hound even happier on holiday.

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Dogs love exploring, digging holes and jumping in the sea almost as much as we do. That’s why Beach Retreats offers dog friendly holidays, with dogs welcome to stay in over half of our holiday cottages. If you haven’t read it already, do take a look at our guide to the best dog friendly beaches in North Cornwall.

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With this in mind, we were keen to whittle down Kennel Club’s Steve Jenkinson’s advice on keeping your dog happy and safe along the coastal path. So here are our top doggie tips for beach holidays with your pup.

Tagged and collared

Dogs love running in rural areas, but unexpected sheep or cow fields, lots of people and unfamiliar areas can cause them to spook and run off. Dogs that are name tagged and micro chipped can easily be reunited should they get lost. If you’re on holiday, a temporary tag with your contact details will save a lot of heartache and hassle.

No hot dogs

Dogs can easily get dehydrated, especially when running around in the warm summer months. Nowadays, you can buy collapsible bowls, but an old fashioned water-tight plastic bag can work just as well. Also, stick to walking them in shady areas, such as leafy woodland or areas with streams for them to cool down in, or walk them at sunrise or after sunset when it’s cooler.

Lead(s) the way

Keep your dog on a lead at all times when walking on the cliff path. Anywhere else you may walk, be sure to always keep your dog in sight. Or, use a lead if you don’t have a reliable recall. Cornwall’s coastal paths can have a lot of dangers, including cliff edges and animals, so it’s important to keep them close at all times. Avoid letting your dog run up to people uninvited – not everyone may be as familiar and comfortable with dogs as you are.

Doggy retreats

Choosing a retreat with an enclosed garden space and outdoor shower can make the world of difference to your dog holiday. This extra outdoor space allows them to run around and have some room to enjoy themselves, preventing them causing any nuisance in your self-catering retreat! An enclosed garden is especially important to prevent them escaping.

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Many of our retreats also have outdoor showers, which are great for giving the sandy pups a rinse after they’ve spent the day rolling in the sand or any other coast path muck! This allows them to step foot in your retreat clean, fresh and ready for snuggles.

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Happy walkies.

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