What to pack?

7th March 2014

What to pack on a self-catering holiday?

It’s sometimes hard to know what to pack when you head off on a self-catering holiday. Do you need to bring everything bar the kitchen sink? Or can you get away with just a suitcase of clothes? We’re here to help…

If you’re coming on a Beach Retreats break here are the essentials you’ll need.

1. Clothes
You’re going to need all weather clothing. We’re afraid we can’t guarantee seven days of sunshine for your stay even though we would love to, so we advise you bring with you all weather clothing, from rain coats to flip flops.

2. Camera
Cornwall is a country of outstanding natural beauty; from beaches to woodland to fishing harbours to quintessential villages; trust us you’ll want to photograph it. Keep the memory of your holiday in Cornwall for a life time by capturing it all on film.

3. Wetsuit/Surf board
Make the most of the great surfing conditions Cornwall has to offer and bring your wetsuit and surf board with you. Lots of our properties have surf lockers, so your equipment can dry off and stay safe overnight.

4. Beach Towels
Cornwall is home to an array of spectacular beaches so bring a few towels, stake your place on the beach and soak up the summer sun!

5.Light provisions
We recommend that you pack a few food items to tie you over until you can stock up on food for the week. Or we can provide a Cornish food box in properties for your arrival containing milk, eggs, bread etc.

6. A good book
Find your idyllic reading spot be it curled up on the couch, on the balcony of your Beach Retreats property or on the beach and lose yourself in a good book.

7.A big appetite
It’s no use being on a diet when you’re in Cornwall considering we’ve a wealth of bakeries, artisan food deli’s, restaurants and fish and chip shops! Bring a big appetite with you and indulge in some proper Cornish grub.

8. Your phone charger.
We recently asked our Facebook friends how many mobile devices and chargers they take with them on a family holiday and the response was very interesting with the average number being ‘too many’. From kindles to iPads, video cameras, portable DVD players, laptops, phones and iPods our Beach Retreats properties are more than equipped to handle all the chargers you have.

9. Toothbrush
Check and check again, do you have your toothbrush?

10. Your dog
The beauty of a self-catering holiday is that every member of the family can come, including your dog! And what’s even better is dogs are loved in Cornwall and very well catered for with dog friendly beaches, restaurants and cafes. Take a look at our dog friendly properties here.