The Eden Project

Eden Project

Every bit as good as the hype, the Eden Project is on Cornwall’s essential tick list. Outstanding on a sunny day and a good choice when it rains, Eden is an inspired blend of indoor and outdoor fun.

As soon as you begin to walk down the path from the car park and descend into the bowl-shaped landscape, you’ll know the Eden Project is unique, an attraction that just won’t be pigeon-holed. It’s not a theme park, or a museum, or a garden…It’s like a separate little world where the normal rules don’t quite apply.

Everyone will find something different to take from a day at Eden. Those interested in ecology will love it, the green-fingered will struggle to drag themselves away and kids will be amazed by the biomes, particularly the rainforest version, with its hot, humid air, mangrove swamp, waterfall and banana trees. Wind your way up to the lookout above the treetops for the best view – and keep your eyes peeled for the lizards and frogs on the way.

A single day here won’t feel enough. Every part of this miniature paradise is packed with information, interactive displays and play areas. There are trails to follow and quizzes and worksheets that really help families engage with all that’s going on here. There always seems to be an event or special activity on offer, from ice skating in the winter to rock climbing, zip wire riding and storytelling in the spring and summer.

The Eden Project has tried to make visiting with kids as easy as possible. There are little trains that run between the car park and the valley floor, pretty much everywhere is accessible with prams and buggies and there are 245 toilets! There are five places to eat, so no need to panic about ‘tired and hungry’ tantrums. Eden is just as accessible for the disabled, too.

It’s fair to say that The Eden Project is not the cheapest day out in Cornwall, but there are ways to reduce the cost if you plan ahead and book online for a specific day - this can save a family of four a tenner, so it’s well worth doing.

The Eden Project
Bodelva, Cornwall, PL24 2SG, Tel. 01726 811911