Samba Caipirinha Cocktail, Cornwall

13th May 2014

Inspired by the beautiful women of Brazil’s famous carnivals, the Samba Caipirinha cocktail is colourful, embellished and full of flavour.

Made with Sagatiba Pura Cachaca rum, the Samba Caipirinha is infused with the spirit of Brazil. This is the perfect cocktail to make whilst watching the imminent World Cup.


Serves one


50ml Sagatiba Pura Cachaca rum
10ml Aqua Riva Agave syrup
1 whole lime de-pithed
1/4 fresh mango
1/2 passion fruit
2 medium sized brown sugar cubes

To garnish

LBV port reduction sugar work
Caramelized passion fruit
Amalfi lemon leaf
Mango slice
Disco Beads



Blend Sagatiba pura cachaça together with quarter of melon until pulp texture.

Whilst blender is doing what it does best (blend) cut lime in half and remove pith from both sides, slice each half into 3 creating 6 pac-man shaped wedges.

Add lime and sugar cubes into your chosen glassware and muddle using the sugar to release oils from lime zest and juice from lime to dissolve the sugar.

Add the ½ of passion fruit, Sagatiba and mango pulp and Aqua riva organic agave syrup and stir.

Add a small scoop of crushed ice and stir, taste, WOW! Nice isn’t it! Check the balance of the drink; now is your chance to add a little more citrus or sugar to create epic balance bearing in mind these fruits have natural sweetness.

Time to get creative. Use your imagination to garnish to make it look as good as it tastes!



Sagatiba rum is a very clean spirit with the delicate flavour and aroma of fresh cut sugarcane. It’s an extremely versatile spirit and adds plenty of Brazilian flavour to any drink.

Thank you to Josh Linfitt, Head Bartender at Fifteen Cornwall for providing us with this recipe. For help on sugar work feel free to contact us over at Fifteen Cornwall or tweet to @joshlinfitt.