Adrenalin Quarry

Adrenalin Quarry, nr. Liskeard, is a family-owned adventure park that packs a punch. Having opened in Easter 2009 the quarry offers visitors/adventurer's three rides: The Zip, The Giant Swing and Coasteering/The Blob.

Adrenalin Quarry

]The Giant Swing

Yesterday we suited up and got stuck into coasteering and the blob. Meeting our instructors at the bottom of the quarry they explained what we were in for. For the next 3 hours we would be rock climbing, jumping off the quarry face into the depths of the water and swimming on to the next platform.

Suiting up at Adrenaline Quarry

Ready to go Adrenaline Quarry

Team Photo Adrenaline Quarry

Starting at 6ft, we were gently introduced to the thrill of coasteering. Once we'd mastered the technique is was onto the heights of 10ft.

Climbing up the rock face we prepared to leap in to the water.

1, 2, 3...JUMP!

The first climb Adrenaline Quarry



Thumbs Up Adrenalin Quarry

From here the jumps got higher, 15ft, 30ft and finally 42ft!

Would you dare Adrenalin Quarry

42ft jump Adrenaline Quarry

With an emphasis on fun, the instructors at Adrenalin Quarry don't push you to try all the jumps but rather encourage you to go as far as you dare and emerge smiling.

After an amazing morning of coasteering we moved onto the blob. The blob is a 12x3 inflatable pillow/catapult that sits on the water. Whilst you sit on the end of it, your friend climbs the floating tower and jumps on to the other end shooting you up in the air and down into the water.

The Blob

It'd be hard to put into the words the amount of fun we had doing this so instead we'll just show you.

Adrenalin Quarry open everyday from May to October is the first location in Cornwall to offer coasteering to children aged 10+ as long as they can swim 50m unaided. Not only this you have an all weather guarantee. Your session will never be cancelled at short notice due to bad weather or tides and because they don't share their cliffs with anyone else there is no overcrowding.