Being amongst the elements is exhilarating- there’s nothing that refreshes you more than a blustery clifftop walk or a dip in the ocean at its coolest. Yet being outside also revitalizes you on the inside. A crackling log fire feels warmer when you’ve been out in the storm, a good book is all the more engrossing when there’s no outer world distractions, and most importantly your head feels its clearest when all that’s beyond your window is the surge of the ocean and the freedom of the outdoors. November in Cornwall is an experience, of looking outwards at nature’s power but also of looking inwards, relaxing and restoring. Here’s some of our recommendations for things to do in November.

Wrap up warm and take a walk

Even if it’s blowing a gale outside, getting togged up and out into the open is one of the best ways to spend a winter’s day in Cornwall. In these quieter months, when the crowds are nowhere to be seen and the ocean is at its most powerful, you will spot scenes that would never occur in mid-summer. The breaking of the Cribbar (an enormous wave in Newquay), the surge of water through a cliff’s blowhole, the sight of lightning out on the horizon, or even a sunrise, which are always more striking in the winter months. It’s a chance to see nature at its wildest and most fascinating.

Dog and owner walking along the shore.

Discover what ‘comfort food’ truly means

After your lungs are full of the freshest air and your cheeks have turned pink in the wind chill, head into one of Cornwall’s fine eateries to enjoy the restorative power of a hearty meal and a good pint. There are ample places to warm up and refuel dotted around the coastlines, many on the seafront, allowing you to gaze out towards the winter weather whilst relishing in the indoor warmth.

A building on cliffs overlooking the sea.

Catch some fireworks

You’re guaranteed to catch a fireworks display if visiting over Bonfire night. Fireworks look especially beautiful when they are above the ocean, as their colourful patterns are mirrored in the water below. Cornwall often sees fireworks displays hosted in various places around the coast, including Porth Beach, Newquay Harbour, Truro and Malpas. Grab a hot chocolate, a sparkler and enjoy watching the night sky light up in the fresh sea air.

Fireworks in the sky.

Gain perspective

Above all else, these quieter times are an opportunity to restore your own peace of mind. With little to distract you but the surge of the ocean and the whistle of the wind, you can take time for yourself. Whether it’s a much-needed getaway with loved ones or a break to get stuck into some reading, writing or just thinking, clear the cobwebs and enjoy the serenity that a Cornish winter has to offer.

A person holding a cup on the beach.