How we keep our properties clean

16th March 2022

At Beach Retreats, we pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our retreats, striving to make guests feel like they’re the first to step foot inside every time. Here’s an insight into our cleaning practises and procedures, so you can feel assured in what we do to keep your property pristine.

Pictured: 12 at 270 North, Fistral


We have a designated Area Manager in different locations across Cornwall, and they’re responsible for training all of our housekeepers. All housekeepers must go through a thorough training programme, including several training sessions which they must pass and they also must be signed off in each specific area of cleaning. This is all done before they can clean a property on their own.

Our trainer meets all new staff and goes through each designated property, covering everything that a guest could potentially find and teaching them everything that’s unique about the property to ensure they do the best job possible.

Pictured: Skyfall, Falmouth

We’re trying to keep housekeepers in the same property each week, familiarising them with the property so they’ll be more likely to notice anything that’s not quite right, whether it’s missing, broken or damaged.

We’ll never encourage a housekeeper to turn a blind eye or cut corners. The time given for each property is always enough to prepare everything to Beach Retreats standards, without compromise.


We provide our staff with all the necessary cleaning equipment, using only highly effective safe chemicals. We also have a SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for housekeeping, which every housekeeper is given on their first shift. This details what to check for in the property, who to email if they come across issues when in a property, a list of who is who and various other necessary information relating to the clean. This ensures they are fully equipped, prepared and supported throughout the cleaning process, confirming that everything will be up to standard and nothing missed out.

Pictured: Strand House, Porth


We also have a laminated booklet of photographs of each room for each property showing how it should look once it is cleaned and dressed. It also shows inside of kitchen cupboards for the housekeeper to refer to, to ensure that there are enough items such as plates, glasses, crockery etc for each guest.

This booklet is always left in the property and not only is it a reference for the housekeeper but also for the guest to look at should they wish to do so to see what the property should look like.

Each bed is dressed in high quality cotton. The housekeepers are encouraged, where possible, to tuck the bedding in and place decorative throws and cushions on the bed along with a hand and bath towel per guest.

Pictured: Pendeen, Widemouth bay

Beach Retreats is more concerned with having a job done thoroughly with attention to detail rather than done quickly, ensuring that the property is left immaculate for the guests, every time.


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