Holiday cottages with wi-fi in Cornwall – how guests use it

27th March 2014

Not just for the weather forecast…

All the properties in the Beach Retreats portfolio now have wi-fi – we see it as an essential part of the holiday accommodation. For guests, uses of wi-fi on holiday have broadened over the past few years as smartphone and tablet ownership has grown. Here are top ten uses for wi-fi on holiday and why it is essential for owners to include in their holiday let.

Local area information: to the nearest petrol station or cash machine, remember guests are likely to be unfamiliar with the local area.

Where to go: family attractions, historical and heritage sites, activities, web access has replaced the guest directory in a holiday let.

Events: there’s nothing worse than stumbling upon a local farmers market just as the traders are all packing up…

Eating out: pouring over TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants, making reservations and checking menus.

Watching catch-up TV: guests DO watch TV on holiday, so streaming their favourite programmes on their iPad is no bad thing.

The 2014 postcard: is actually Facebook updates of the great time guests are having in your property.

Spread the word: encourage guests to talk about their holiday accommodation on social media through Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Work: a necessary evil or a way to generate more bookings, allowing guests to actually take a holiday?

Weather: ok, so the forecast is one of the most popular tools for a UK break, good or bad, guests can plan to make the most of their time on holiday.