Donate the Rebate

29th August 2022

Donate the Rebate Cornwall are aiming to tackle the cost of living crisis in Cornwall, by calling on second home owners to donate part or all of their energy rebate to charities in Cornwall that are supporting those who need help the most. 

We’ve recently partnered with Donate the Rebate to support the cause and to encourage our owners who can afford it to donate. 

Charities working across Cornwall have seen a 75% increase in families seeking food parcels, 1500 people are in emergency accommodation across the county and over 21,000 are on housing waiting lists. And conditions are set to get even harder as we head towards winter and the cost of living continues to increase.

The owners of the 13,500 second homes in Cornwall will receive the energy rebate equalling £5.4million. Meanwhile, for local people, Cornwall is the second most deprived area in Northern Europe, and charities and organisations are struggling to support the Cornish residents who need it the most.

We thrive off sharing our love for Cornwall with holiday makers who visit year on year to experience its beauty. But Cornwall would be nothing without its local communities who call the county home, all year round, and supporting them is something close to our heart.

Let’s help level things up. If you can afford it, please donate all or part of your rebate to charities in Cornwall who are seeing an exponential rise in people desperately seeking help.

See how you can get involved and donate your rebate today.