Walk through Porthcothan

16th April 2021

Meander down flower-lined paths, across white sand and above tropic-like lagoons on this short scenic stroll.

Lowenna from our marketing team takes us on a walk-through from Porthcothan Bay to the mesmerising Trescoe Islands.

It’s the morning of April 13th, and the spring sunshine feels surprisingly warm on my face as I head through the gate into the National Trust fields overlooking Porthcothan, where this walk begins. The fields gently slope towards the strip of sea in the distance, and acres of yellow of gorse beyond contrast with the bright blue of the sky. This view would make for a perfect painting, with its pops of primary colours. I can smell the sea breeze from here, its salty whisper inviting me towards the sand. When you depart on this route, be sure to stop and indulge in this moment- the feeling of promise at the beginning of a walk, when you can see the ocean that awaits.

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Crossing green grass, you will be led down a winding coastal path, the gap between you and the sand below marked with a row of white hawthorn blossom. You will then cross a small bridge onto the bay, or if you fancy it, bare your feet and paddle through the gentle river. I reach the main stretch of beach and delight in the serenity of it- the skies are clear and it’s a popular time of year for holiday makers, yet the bay remains almost empty except for the occasional dog walker in the distance.

The walk across the bay is the perfect time to delight in the little things- the ebbs and patterns that the tide has formed in the sand, the geometrical structure of the rocky cliffs that line the cove, the odd gull soaring high in the sky. Head towards the left-hand side of the beach, where you can follow the cliffs around the corner and find the hidden coves which lie tucked away.

Out to sea, you can see Porthcothan’s iconic rocks and islands, striking in their stand-alone structure. This part of the beach starts to feel more like a Greek island, with its rich turquoise water and rocky sea stacks. It’s crucial to do this walk at low tide, when the water grants you entry to the secret lagoon behind Trescore Islands. At high tide, the vast swathes of sand disappear but the headlands protect the sea from the ocean swell, meaning the water is generally calm.

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There is a footpath here which is only accessible at low tide and leads you towards Trescore Islands, the end destination of this walk. I clamber up, excited by what might await on the other side of the scattered cliffs. The coastal breeze which meets you as you stand atop the cliff is refreshing under the heat of the spring sun. This path joins the South West Coast path, and in just a few meters, the lagoon of Trescore islands comes into sight. The tide must be fully out to be able to access the pool at ground level and swim in the water, so clear that you can see patterns of rocks and sand on the seabed.

After taking in the tropical feel of this private corner of the beach, I begin to head back along the coast path. However, if the beauty of this scenery leaves you wanting more, the walk can be continued along the South West coast path, where you can head North to Constantine Bay or South to the iconic Bedruthan steps. Feeling hungry? Just follow the coast path inland to find Porthcothan Bay stores, where you’ll find fresh takeaway food alongside surf hire, local produce and gifts. Tuck into a hot, foamy coffee and flaky pastry to refuel and delight in the peace and quiet that Porthcothan has to offer.

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