Rick Stein lands at Fistral

3rd May 2015

Rick Stein’s latest restaurant opened on Newquay’s Fistral Beach just in time for the Easter weekend. With a laid-back self-service style, it’s dishing up fish and chips and flavours from the Far East.

If you follow our blog regularly then you will have noticed the surge of new restaurants in the past year that have decided to open their doors on Fistral Beach near Newquay. Still on the map for its world-class surfing, it’s gradually become a bit of a foodie destination too – and all the better for it we think. Rick Stein is the next on the list.

Stein has become emblematic of Cornish cuisine, with fresh local seafood at the heart of what he does best. But things have moved on from his Seafood Restaurant in Padstow which he’s had for more than 25 years, adding other local restaurantsin Padstow, Falmouth, Porthleven and Winchester to his venture.

Now the empire has landed at Fistral. The casual, laid-back affair might not be what you expect from Stein, but self-service fish and chips works well here at one of the busiest beaches in Cornwall. They don’t take bookings but you should be able to find a seat quite quickly.

Talking about his new venture, Rick said: “It’s exciting to be opening a restaurant on Fistral, even my Aussie friends in Sydney know it; some were lifeguards there in the 70s. I imagine the restaurant buzzing with people enjoying a great beach and the sort of food you have to have by the water.”

What’s on the menu?

You’ll find Rick’s famous fish and chips cooked in beef dripping – cod, haddock and lemon soul feature. For something different you’ll find chilli burgers to add to homemade tartare sauce and authentic curry sauce.

Curries and other dishes inspired from Rick’s travels in India and the Far East have also been recently added to the menu, including Goan chicken curry, lamb karahi, pad Thai noodles, nasi goreng and vegetable makhanawala. Not forgetting Ice cream and drinks too.

It’s a win!


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