Porth Beach, Cornwall

18th December 2013

There’s a fresh energy in Porth… everyone seems to feel it. This village, just outside Newquay, is home to many beautiful holiday homes mixed with residents who live here year-round for their love of the outdoors.

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Here are five of our favourite things about being in Porth:

1. The Beach

Porth Beach
It’s beautiful to look at. Virtually every property in Porth has a sea view.

The beach is easily accessible from the road and a great place for kids to play. It’s got a great deal of shelter compared to many of the beaches nearby. Rock pools and a stream make it a perfect place to strike down for the day with little ones.

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2. Location and access

Porth is an excellent place to be based to explore the north coast of Cornwall. If you choose to fly to Newquay airport, you have access to some of the best places from here without needing a car. Stunning coastal walks towards Watergate Bay and Mawgan Porth are a perfect way to spend a day. Turn the other way and Newquay town is just a sort stroll away.

If walking is not your thing, a bus runs through Porth regulary, connecting you to the rest of Cornwall.

3. Porth Island blow hole

Porth island can be accessed by a narrow footbridge. Here you’ll find the remains of a prehistoric settlement. At the end of the island there is a blow hole which is quite spectacular on windy days and best seen at mid-tide.

4. For Swimmers

Unlike some of the wilder beaches, Porth beach is known to be a safer beach for swimming. Ideal for the children to play in the sea, or for keen swimmers to do some laps. Surfing isn’t allowed in the summer, so no worries of them getting in the way.

If you do fancy a surf – Whipsiderry beach – voted in the top 20 beaches in Europe – is only a few minutes walk away.

5. Roo’s Beach/great coffee

Roo's Beach

OK, we’re a bit biased here. Porth is not a shopping centre, but there is one really good shop. It’s ours. We love being in Porth as everyone seems to pass here at some point, which means we get lots of people stopping in.

There’ll be excellent coffee right next to the beach, so there’s a good start of your day guaranteed


Guest post from Michele at Roo’s Beach.

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