Penguin Encounter at Newquay Zoo, Cornwall

12th February 2014

On Sunday we wrapped up warm and headed to Newquay Zoo.

We’d previously booked a penguin encounter and were so excited about getting up close to the penguins at feeding time. Heading out with the whole family we grabbed the camera and could hardly contain our excitement.

On arrival at Newquay Zoo we we’re greeted by Emily our penguin expert. After a few safety rules we went into the penguin enclosure and the feeding frenzy began.

As soon as the penguins saw the yellow bucket they scrambled to get to the front of the pack and get the first fish.


Some penguins were certainly more plump than others so we tried to evenly give out fish but one or two were shown a bit of favouritism.


During feeding time we quizzed Emily on her penguin knowledge. She told us that this species of penguin were Humbolt Penguins, found in Peru, Chile, Columbia and Ecuador In the water they can reach speeds of up to 20mph using their feet and tail as a rudder to steer and turn in the water.

This group of humbolt penguins were one family pod, made up of couples of parents and chicks. Penguins are a very loyal bird, choosing one mate and staying with them for life. However, one of the penguins at Newquay Zoo was hand reared and consequently is more interested in the female keepers than female penguins.


Our experience with the penguins was amazing! Being able to walk out onto the island and seeing how fast the swim and interact with one another. We were in the enclosure for around half an hour and learnt so much.





With a beautiful sunny day left ahead of us we explored the zoo and fed meerkats, awed over lions and squirmed at creepy crawlies.

For an alternative day out, zoo keeper experiences are top of the list. You can become a zoo keeper for an entire day or choose to feed lemurs or penguins.