Circular walk from Trevone to Padstow

21st July 2017

A coastal walk and countryside stroll all rolled into one.

There isn’t many places where you can experience inspiring sea views and tranquil countryside scenery on a walk. Cornwall is the perfect place to experience the best of both worlds, especially when it goes hand in hand with one of our fantastic dog-friendly properties.

Rugged cliffs at Trevone

Circular walk from Trevone to Padstow

Cornwall's north coast

Nestled among rolling hills, on the North coast of Cornwall, discover a charming Cornish village with a wide sandy beach, flanked by high sea cliffs.

Trevone Bay

Trevone Bay is situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; just two miles from the popular fishing harbour of Padstow. Starting at Trevone beach, the circular walk is 7.4 miles long; a moderate route along the rugged Atlantic coast.

Trevone beach

Coastal path to Stepper Point, Hawker's Cove and Padstow

Trevone Bay, north Cornwall

Follow the cliff path, past the Round Hole, which is a collapsed sea cave, with a channel that is still open to the sea. At high tide, on a calm day, it is possible to kayak right through the cave.

Trevone Bay, a charming Cornish village with a wide sandy beach

Rocky outcrops at Trevone Bay

The Round Hole collapsed sea cave at Trevone

Walk up the cliff, past the gateway, and follow the main path across the coastal heath. Track the route taken by sailing ships to Stepper Point. The many caves spotted along the coast, provide ledges where seals haul themselves out of the water.

The coastal path at Trevone Headland

Trevone headland

In the Spring and Summer time, the coastal heath is teaming with wildlife and wildflowers. The aromatic smell of wild gorse lingers in the air.

Walk from Trevone to Stepper Point

Walk from Trevone Bay to Stepper Point

Pepper Pot tower at Trevone Head, Stepper Point

Near to Stepper Point, spot the stone tower standing proud on the clifftop. Known as the “Pepper Pot” the 40 foot stone tower, was built in 1830, as a daymark – a navigation beacon for seafarers during daylight. At 240 feet above sea level, the tower is visible from 30 miles away.

Pepper Pot point, Trevone Head

Views over to Rock and Daymer Bay

Pepper Pot Stone Tower

Pepper Pot Stone Tower, Stepper Point

At Stepper Point, soak-up the panoramic sea views, and descend on the coastal path along the Camel Estuary to Hawker’s Cove. From the coastal path, look across the Estuary to Rock and Daymer Bay. There is a passenger ferry which operates between Rock and Padstow.

Camel Estuary, Padstow

Views over to Rock from Padstow

The Camel Estuary

Views over to Daymer Bay

From Hawker’s Cove, cross the sandy beach of St George’s Cove before finally reaching the bustling harbour of Padstow.

Hawker's Cove, Padstow

St George's Cove, Padstow

Views over the Camel Estuary

The passenger ferry to Rock from Padstow

In Padstow, stop for a spot of lunch at one of the local eateries or fish and chips on the harbour from Rick Steins.

Padstow harbour

Walking back to Trevone, follow the signs from Padstow town to Prideaux Place, a beautiful eighteenth century manor house. Pass the front of Prideaux Place, and follow the lane to find a barn on your right. Opposite the barn, take the footpath to the left and over the stile. Bare right along the path along the field.

On the route back to Trevone, pass the Padstow Farm Shop. Pop in for fresh veg, fruit, Cornish cheese, meat and everyday amenities.

Padstow Farm Shop

Fresh fruit and veg at Padstow Farm Shop

Padstow Farm Shop daffodils

Padstow Farm Shop, near Trevone

Follow the fields back to Trevone Bay and relax on the beach with a barbecue, and watch the sun go down.

The footpath from Padstow Farm Shop to Trevone Bay

Trevone Bay, Padstow

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