Sunrise swims to sunset surfs, sunbathing to sandcastle building – there’s a beach for everyone. This summer, we’re helping you find your beach. The one that’s right for you.

Take the Beach Match Quiz to find your beach. When you’ve found your beach, find the land&water bath and body product the team their have paired with each beach match below.

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If your beach match is Carbis Bay…

Paddling across tranquil azure waters or soaking up the sun on powder-soft sands backed by lush, sub-tropical plants. A sheltered but well-served cove (from ice creams and coffees, to the finest of dining) sure to captivate all ages just a mile from the cobbled streets of St Ives.

…Your product is Pulse Point Oil – Soothe

Tranquil days at Carbis Bay call for tranquil nights. Let nature calm and restore with a serene mix of essential oils. With relaxing lavender and rose geranium to further ease away symptoms of anxiety and reset your natural balance.

Pulse Point Oil - Soothe

If your beach match is Widemouth Bay…

You’re matched to an unspoilt, wild coastline that offers far more than you might expect: enthralling walks into the history of the land underfoot, waves for splashing in or catching on a board, sand for beach games and rock pools for exploring.

…Your product is Shampoo with spike moss extract

Following daybreak adventures or escapades under the stars, this natural shampoo is a blend of mind-clearing mint and orange scent, immune-boosting lavender and stimulating clove oil. Hydrating spike moss strengthens hair, with a hint of cedarwood and frankincense for balance and calm.  


If your beach match is Hayle Towans…

Find your way through the dunes – that’s towans in Cornish – to your beach match at Hayle. Surrounded by a teeming coastal landscape, an epic expanse of sand at low tide that’s cricket pitch, running track, sandcastle foundations or wander space, you decide.

…Your product is Bath & Body Oil

Orange and ginger, with mood-boosting black pepper and geranium essential oils, soothe the aches of days well spent at Hayle Towans. Add a capful to running bath water or massage into damp skin to calm, hydrate and comfort.

Bath & Body Oil

If your beach match is Watergate Bay…

Grabbing a board for your first taste of the surf or running free across freshly revealed sand. A standout bay that stands along a stretch of coast all set for wonder-filled wandering, with exceptional eateries lining-up on the shoreline.

…Your product is Salt Scrub

After days running free at Watergate Bay, a detoxifying scrub with rejuvenating sea salt and sea buckthorn oil, and uplifting orange, rosemary and mint essential oils to invigorate, cleanse and hydrate windswept skin.

Salt Scrub

If your beach match is Harbour Cove…

The sun is out, escape the bustling streets of Padstow, armed with the best the deli counter has on offer, out along the Camel Estuary. You’re heading to a sandy cove that’s waiting for you to lay back on and a sea ready to cool off in, where flowing river meets open ocean.

…Your product is Reed Diffuser – Mandarin & Mint

Conjuring the freshness of big skies and the expanse of freedom at Harbour Cove, this reed diffuser elevates your space with warm mandarin and cool mint essential oils.

Reed Diffuser - Mandarin & Mint

If your beach match is Gyllyngvase Beach…

Still clear blue water ripples over a sandy bank in the first light of the day. As the sun lowers into the afternoon, paddleboarders drift towards the horizon. This is Gyllyngvase Beach, where the sea’s made for exploring while out for a swim, by kayak and or looking closely where it collects in rocky pools.

…Your product is Pulse Point Oil – Brighten

Imagine bringing the natural lift of Gyllyngvase Beach to the everyday. Keep this light, energising alternative to perfume by your side for a reviving beachside feeling, with a bright-eyed blend of refreshing grapefruit and bergamot for focus, clarity and an elevated sense of wellbeing.

Pulse Point Oil - Brighten

If your beach match is Sennen Cove…

You’re westward bound. Where the farther reaches of the Cornish peninsula end, a breathtaking beach awaits. You’re matched to Sennen Cove, a sweeping arc of soft sand, smooth rocks – and the fresh Atlantic where surfers and dolphins play – a meeting of people and a preciously natural coast.

…Your product is All Elements Skin Balm

Long days in the wild at Sennen Cove call for deep moisturising repair. All Elements Skin Balm can be used on dry, cracked skin including cheeks, shoulders, elbows, hands, cuticles and heels! Vitamin-rich sweet almond oil calms and protects while rejuvenating, anti-oxidant sea buckthorn oil brings strength and shine from the shoreline.

All Elements Skin Balm

If your beach match is Porth Beach…

Sheltered from harsh winds by bordering headlands and brimming with seaside holiday nostalgia. Here, little hands craft sandcastle cities or splash about in calm turquoise shallows, while bigger ones grab a bodyboard or search out sea life in rock pools – fuelled by flake-topped cones or fresh tapas from beachside eateries.

…Your product is Explore Essentials

For explorers big and small, feel exhilaration and calm after adventures on the sand at Porth Beach. Gentle and hydrating, a complete set of 50 ml Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Lotion and Hand Gel to cleanse, smooth and soothe both hair and body.

Explore Essentials


Your beach is the one that has just what you’re looking for: sandcastle sand, shoreline strolls, sunset surfs or sunrise swims. Find your beach with the Beach Match Quiz.

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