Rockpools revealed

Watch Dr Ben Holt at The Rock Pool Project as he uncovers some of the sea creatures that call Cornwall’s wild rock pools home and shares his tips for making your own rock-pool discoveries

From the dense kelp forests under the tide line to the rocky pools teeming with sheltering crabs and speedy shrimps, rock-pooling can reveal any number of surprising and exciting finds.

In the videos below, Ben Holt at The Rock Pool Project – which runs citizen science projects and rock-pool safaris in Falmouth and Plymouth – tells us his top tips to get rock-pool ready and what’s great about autumn and winter exploring.

And if you do find that well-camouflaged crab or manage to collect a fast-moving fish, use a clean takeaway tray or a similar plastic pot to get a good look at your discovery, says Ben. “We don’t use nets really…we don’t like them as they can damage the wildlife. We tend to use our hands or  a tray to collect things. Also, buckets can be filled-up with wildlife and that can be really bad for the animals because the animals collectively use up all of the oxygen in the water.

“When you discover something, you can easily catch in the tray or put it in the tray and take a picture of it. Then, put it back exactly where you find it. It’s a way of discovering wildlife while disturbing it as little as possible.”

Get rock-pool ready

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Changing sea seasons

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