Become a seasoning pro with Cornish Sea Salt during your upcoming staycation

8th January 2021

Need a little cooking inspiration for your upcoming staycation in Cornwall? We speak to the team at Cornish Sea Salt to find out their favourite tried and tested, go-to recipes. 

Let us tell you a little about us first…

Cornish Sea Salt is sourced from Grade A Atlantic waters, eight metres from the shoreline on the Lizard Peninsula and hand-harvested in our eco-friendly salt house. Beneath Cornwall’s beauty is a totally unique geographical environment which defines the taste and high mineral content of Cornish Sea Salt. Our salt contains over 60 natural and essential nutrients and minerals which help your body and mind to function.

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The combination of these minerals and nutrients means our salt really packs a punch, bringing zest and zing to your cooking so you can sprinkle less for the same impact – perfect for cooking up a storm in the kitchen on your staycation in Cornwall.

We’ve put together some tasty meal ideas for those slower days, snacks to take to the local beach and slap-up meals using a variety of our seasonings and flavours.

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Slower mornings and long lay ins are a must when you’re in holiday mode, and can only mean one thing – brunch! Once you’ve enjoyed your morning coffee soaking up the views Cornwall has to offer from the comfort of your holiday home, it is time for food.

We’ve got two very special brunch dishes on the menu that are super easy to cook, and will take you to your favourite café without having to leave the house. Our grilled figs on toasted brioche with ricotta, thyme and honey finished with Cornish Sea Salt Flakes is a thing of beauty. The sticky figs hits the spot for those who crave something sweet in the morning, balanced with thyme and flaked Cornish Sea Salt for a sweet and salty finish.

cornish sea salt

Or for something a little heartier, why not try our Australian-inspired potato cakes recipe which we serve with avocado and a poached egg (St Ewe of course) to satisfy that savoury pang. Finished with sea salt flakes, or add our Chilli hit for an extra kick.

cornish sea salt

A taste of Cornwall

During your staycation in Cornwall, give yourself a taste of the coast with our epic corn on the cobs smothered with Cornish seaweed butter. This recipe is SO easy and a taste sensation – believe us! Why not pre-prepare by making your butter with our Seaweed Salt and take to the beach with a portable BBQ!

cornish sea salt

A trip to Cornwall wouldn’t be complete without a scone. Our Smokin’ cheese scones using our Smoked Sea Salt Flakes are a perfect mid-afternoon snack and SUPER easy to rustle up. Eat warm from the oven, slathered in Cornish butter and your favourite chutney.

scone cornish sea salt

Next up is Cornish crab tacos by chef James Strawbridge using our Mexican Salt blend for easy cheat seasoning that packs in the flavour – best served with a cold beer in the sunshine!

cornish sea salt

Come dine with me

Cooking a meal on your staycation doesn’t need to be a chore – with a little added help and theatre! Try these Korean Chicken Wings with our Really Garlicky Salt and cheat a little using some Merchant Gourmet grains to go with them.

cornish sea salt

Finally, the pièce de resistance.. Pavlova with Sea Salt & Peppery Marinated Strawberries (stick with us on this one!) The sea salt and pepper enhances the strawberry flavour and gives this sweet dessert a delicious kick! This really is a dish that has to be tried to be believed – and you won’t regret it!

cornish sea salt

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