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Lunch at Fifteen Cornwall

October 7, 2014

Our friends at Fifteen Cornwall, Watergate Bay, kindly invited us to sample their Harvest on the Beach lunch and we just couldn’t resist.

FIfteen Cornwall

On Monday we sat down at our window table, overlooking Watergate Bay, and perused the menu with peach iced tea.

Fifteen Cornwall Window Seat

Harvest on The Beach Menu

Peach Iced Tea

Our server, Rose, came over to talk us through what was on the menu today. At Fifteen the menu changes daily depending on what has been delivered from their local suppliers that morning. After some ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ (technical terms) we had decided to try get at least one of everything on the menu.


Debbie, my lunch time date, started with Heritage tomatoes with basil and baked ricotta, whilst I chose Cornish coppa with beetroot, wild rocket and aged balsamic.

Hertage Tomatoes with Baked Ricotta

Cornish coppa with beets

Light, fresh and full of flavour. Just the way a starter should be.

Cornish Coppa and Peach Iced Tea

I tried some of Debbie’s heritage tomato starter and made a vow never to eat another tomato unless it was grown by their suppliers Buttervilla. They are like little sweets.

For main, Debbie chose potato gnocchi ‘alla Norma’ with Vulscombe goats cheese. I had the choice of crispy fillet of salt hake, crushed herby potatoes, greens and aioli or wood fired chicken with bortlotti beans, cavolo and salsa verde.

Potato Gnocchi

I had overheard Rose say to another table, ‘you’ve got to have fish whilst you’re in Cornwall’, to which I found myself nodding in agreement, so I opted for the fish.

It didn’t disappoint. The hake had crispy skin, as promised, but the body was flaky and melted in my mouth. Partnered with the herby potatoes and greens, this dish felt like a salute to the wonderful summer we’ve had in Cornwall this year.

Salted Hake with Herby Potatoes

Dessert, my favourite course, was an easy choice.

‘One of each please’.

The raspberry and almond cake with clotted cream was a tribute to what Cornwall is all about. It was comforting, traditional with a big emphasis on flavour. But the star of the show was the vanilla panna cotta with Victoria plums and shortbread.

Almond Cake with Rodda's Clotted Cream

Vanilla Panna Cotta with Poached Plums

It was rich and creamy. Pure vanilla indulgence. The Victoria plums added an acidic edge to the dish that complemented the sweetness of the panna cotta. Whilst the shortbread was an added bonus!

Panna Cotta Fifteen Cornwall

After lunch we thanked the chefs and had a sneak peak behind the scenes.

Behind the Scenes Fifteen Cornwall

Preparation Fifteen Cornwall

Fifteen Cornwall Kitchen

Heart Shaped Potato

Fifteen Cornwall

Fifteen Cornwall Watergate Bay

Harvest on the Beach is available from now until 24 October 2014. £21pp for three course lunch.





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