Introducing Watchful Mary

There’s something on the horizon this summer...

If you're joining us in Watergate Bay this year, then you're in for a treat. New to the bay is Watchful Mary a  continental style bar on the sea wall with unbroken views to the horizon. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy laid back drinking and grazing with an unexpected twist. And when the sun goes down, the music will step up.

a  continental style bar on the sea wall


Food. Drink. Views. Vibe. Revel in the unexpected.

The bar’s name is inspired by Watergate Bay Hotel co-founder Mary Ashworth’s sighting of the rare Green Flash – a ray of green light that some people claim to have seen at the last second of sunset. Some say it’s lucky, or that it signals great change is on the way. It has captured the imaginations of author Jules Verne and artist Tacita Dean amongst others; Mary has seen it three times here, and has never forgotten the feeling.


Watchful Mary’s elevated outlook, facing west to the Atlantic, means you can look for the Green Flash too. But whether you see it or not, the new bar is a great setting for you to come together and have a good time. Expect drinks and small plates to keep conversation flowing; sangria sipped on the shoreline, craft beers and classic cocktails with a twist.

food and drink

It will be open throughout the day – from morning coffees and pastries, stretching into the evening, with events and live music on the weekends .

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